Reasons Why Glock Is Rocking the American Gun Market?

American Gun Market

From Hollywood movies to combat areas, security personnel to the army, this gun is found abundant. It is a recommendation to everyone who is looking for an upgrade to their older gun or looking for something lightweight because of not having enough experience. Yes, it is the Glock that we are talking about. It is one of the most famous guns in the USA.

With its classic design, lightweight body, and considerable small size, it is ruling among several modern guns. With other enhancements like MCK Glock, it is offering even easier upgrading. But, is that it? It is justly famous for these reasons only? No, Glock is rocking the US armed market for many years, and here is the reason why it is doing great.

Convenient Controls

If you have driven a vehicle on a plain and empty highway then this is what it feels like to use a Glock. This is a great feature for a gun that is designed to be used as a weapon for a quick shot and easy defence. A Glock has three main control to master, slide stop, slide lock, and magazine release. Another control is the external safety that is combined with the trigger and it will be deactivated when you will put your finger on the bang switch. The control is even enhanced with its compatible CAA MCK accessories.

The trigger from the factory is also something that makes the pistols user-friendly. Though it isn’t a big deal for now in its initial days, a 5-pound pull was a major feature back in the days when 10–12-pound pull was a part of older revolvers from the 1980s. which dominated the early 1980s. It was the time when the shooter started to shoot the bull’s eye more often with the Glock.

Affordable Pricing

If you read the history of the Glock manufacturer Gaston Glock then you will be surprised to know that he wasn’t really a firearm manufacturer. He used to make knives and other engineering tools. This is the reason why the company kept its overall cost much lower.

The company tailored its manufacturing process to manufacturing the Glock before having the modern production facilities which started with the G17. This resulted in a much more efficient and profitable process.

Though most gun owners offer rather similar-looking guns and the functions are the same. The Glock offers guns that aren’t just outperforming its competitors but the price is also competitive. So, unless you can afford to buy some bigger-priced gun, for an average American it is the Glock that fits under their budget. Though getting the CAA MCK accessories could cost a little.


When you have to carry a gun around the clock then you should be looking for a rather lightweight option. Glock pistols on the other hand offer lightweight guns that are concealed carry. It was certainly the most beneficent for those who have to reduce their daily burden when they have to carry a polymer gun.

Take the 6-round .357 Magnum Smith & Wesson Model 13 for instance was widely used by the FBI agents and weighed around 31 ounces unloaded. The 17-round 9mm G17, comes around 22 ounces unloaded. This is way less load with huge firepower. This is also a great feature to consider for those citizens who have to conceal carry a gun.

Simple As Checkers

You know one of the most important features of the Glock guns is that they are the simplest gun to use for a newcomer. It has been listed as one of the simplest guns by several reputed gun magazines. It is much easier to improve the performance by combining the MCK Glock and alike.

This makes the design even faster. And because there are very few parts in this gun Fewer parts mean fewer parts to break. Furthermore, it doesn’t take a mechanical genius to understand the working of Glock. Most shooters can likely understand the problem with their Glock without having to worry about the technical details.

Aftermarket Upgrades

Even at its basics, the Glock is a great gun. But if you want to get the most out of it, you can do it by going for aftermarket upgrades. The aftermarket is full of different customizations.

You can simply get a CAA MCK and upgrade your Glock’s performance. There are tons of MCK accessories. From custom triggers to extended magazines, sights to shoulder pads for better stability. The only limit is either the sky or your wallet. The possibilities to customize your Glock with the CAA MCK accessories for Glock. You can make your Glock as improved as you want.

Rugged Performance

As mentioned earlier that this gun is rather simple but the performance of this gun is rather resilient. Glock is one of the most durable guns ever. While the manufacturer claims that the gun is made of less than 86% steel, but still, offers unmatched durability. The company has its polymer formula but the results are speaking for themselves.

Though it has been a part of several militaries around the globe individuals are improving their Glock to an absurd level. Some users have even claimed that they have fired more than 340,000 rounds with their Glock and it is still rocking. Some have even claimed that they own it for more than a decade and it is still rocking. Undoubtedly it has to offer one of the most rugged performances among the available guns around.

Where to Get one?

If this is your first time then don’t worry, there are plenty of arms stores around where you can find the best Glock guns without any issue. Consider taking advice from the staff to make sure you know you will get the best for you. For accessories like MCK CAA, you can visit platforms like CKS Tactical to find out a wide range of MCK accessories for Glock.

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