Eye Tests – An Important Test That Should Not Be Neglected

Eye Tests

Just like you need to check the various parts of your body for problems and irregularities, you also need to take equal care of your eyes. They are your means of staying connected with the world every day.

That is why an eye test is very important at regular intervals. When you go to an eye specialist, your doctor will get your vision tested to watch out for any changes that might have occurred from your last visit there. He will also look out for any problems with your eyes’ health and underlying conditions. It should take around 20 minutes of your time, so never neglect it at any cost.

In routine eye tests, there can never be an answer that is right or wrong. You have to give the exact answer to know the condition of your eyes. You are expected to give only that answer you find on looking at the chart. Here accuracy is the keyword. In this way, the doctor will be able to determine your exact eye power. One wrong answer from you could lead to hazards to your eyes.

The Routine Eye Test Procedure

A routine eye test will involve your preliminary pre-test procedures carried out by the optical assistant of your doctor. They will take your history; check out your medical records for any other ailments or even your previous eye records. They will also discuss with you your problems just to ascertain things for the doctor to get through quickly.

The second phase of your eye test will take you to the optometrist to find out the position of your eyes by asking you to read out from a chart that is placed at least 10 feet away from you.

In the next step of your eye test, the optometrist will carry out some tests with certain instruments like the following:

  • Tonometer
  • Autorefractor
  • Ophthalmoscope
  • The slit lamp

These are all the things that can be done for you in your eye test.

The Reasons Why You Should Visit An Eye Specialist

When you visit an eye specialist, there are certain things that you can expect to be checked and sorted out. As you grow older, you will need to get checked because eyesight weakens with advancing age, and it should not be neglected. It could lead to more serious problems and damage to your vision.

Like they say, diabetes is a silent killer, eyes also have some silent problems that need to be attended to regularly. These silent problems include glaucoma, muscular degeneration due to advancing age, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy.

Who Needs Regular Eye Tests Done?

Now not all people are at risk of compromised eyesight and eye health. Certain people in certain groups need to regularly look out for problems in their eyes. They are diabetics, people with high blood pressure and people working jobs that strain the eyes. Even people who have been prescribed drugs that could damage the eyes need regular eye tests done to ensure that the eyes’ health is perfect.

Even when a diabetic, there are time variations in eye tests. For Type I diabetes, the first test should be done five after diagnosis and then every year after that. And for Type II diabetes, the eyes should be tested as soon as a diagnosis.


Eye tests  are a must if you want to keep your eyes helathy. With timely test, you will get to know about the underlying problem that could aggravate. Make sure that you connect with the best eye specialist for this.

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